‘Tenacity, ethics, sensitivity – Debbie has these by the bulldozerful, making Big Buddha’s powerful voice regarding difficult subjects.– Audrey Aquilina, Filmmaker

‘Takes us over the boundaries of documentary and into the realms of art.’
Alice Jolly, The Lancet

‘Howard’s film reflects her talent as a storyteller but also as a film maker. It is an extremely poignant piece which encapsulates the difficult emotional and physical journey couples face who’ve experienced stillbirth.
James Wallis, Vulture Hound Magazine



Big Buddha Films is a UK based independent film company that was established in 2006 by Debbie Howard. We specialize in making powerful, challenging films that tackle human dilemmas and show the vulnerabilities of human existence. We have made a slate of successful short films and a feature documentary, Still Loved

We are passionate about redressing the balance for women working in the film industry. All of our films have complex female protagonists and we strive to work with at least a fifty percent female crew. We make drama, comedy and documentary. We also make commissions for other people, so if you have an idea for a feature, short or corporate, do get in touch.

Our films have screened at many film festivals all over the world, receiving many nominations and winning awards and we have several new projects currently in development.