Black or White?

What would you choose?

2006: 3.36 mins

We asked a list of ‘either/or’ questions to a huge cross section of society, with fascinating results. How does a three year old white girl relate to the same simple questions as a black male asylum seeker or a middle aged homeless woman? Will they conform to stereotypes or surprise us with their answers?


Fifty people interviewed around Sheffield


Writer/Director/Producer by Debbie Howard
DOP – Mark Cohen
Editor – Jonathan Charles
Production Assistant – Greg Vyce

Screened at film festivals internationally.

Festival Awards/Nominations

1 min version
Won Best Scripted Piece in One Minute Wonders Competition – Leeds 2007
3 min version
Won a ‘Special Mention’ for Outstanding Film in Documentary section at Canary Wharf Film Festival, London, 2007
Nominated for Glimmer Short Film Award – Glimmer Film Festival, Hull 2008
Nominated for Best Experimental Film – End of the Pier Film Festival, Bognor 2008
Nominated for Best Short Film – Angel Film Festival, London, 2007

Screened at film festivals around the world. Featured on BBC Filmnetword and BBC Big Screen.