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Still Loved wins Best Documentary award

24th July 2017

We’re delighted that Still Loved won the ‘Best Documentary’ award at High Peak Independent Film Festival this weekend. With tough competition from some other feature docs, we’re thrilled to have been honoured with this award, giving recognition to the film and also to stillbirth and baby loss.

Big thanks to Festival Director Nicole Pott and her team at HPIFF 2017 for their hard work and hospitality at this festival.


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New films in development

6th June 2016

We’re very excited to have three new films in development. Two documentaries and one feature film. We’ll be posting more information about these soon on their own dedicated pages. To give you a little taster, here’s a brief outline about them.


The Ten Human Years of Preta Eshana

This is an art documentary following artist Stephen Givnan, who will be working with internationally renowned artists and musicians as they produce works of art or music inspired by the story of Preta Eshana, a female hungry spirit.

GetInlinePeople are desperate for change. Beyond the world of a cynical corporate media, thousands upon thousands of are eschewing conventional politics and ways of living and are looking for new stories to inspire and motivate. The documentary will focus upon poets, writers, philosophers, crazed visionaries, artists, activists, voices of the marginalised and unheard as well as those who have spent years in seclusion meditating on the nature and functions of the mind. It will discuss what brought them to this project. It will chronicle lives full of sadness, anger, love and loss, of people who, in their own unique and often humorous way have deconstructed the illusion that believes in commodities as a true source of happiness and instead has invested time and faith into creating a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

The main tennet of the project is the value and life changing capacity of small stories. The documentary will act as a propagator for these stories, with the hope that it will inspire those who watch it to believe in the power in their own ability to sow the seeds for future positive change.

The documentary will be directed by Debbie Howard. A close personal friend of Stephen Givnan for 25 years, she will have great access to document this project thoroughly and gain great insight into the artists taking part and who they work.

We are currently in pre production on this documentary and aim to begin filming later in 2016.

Watch the pitch here.

Art Project outline

The Ten Human Years of Preta Eshana follows the story of a female hungry spirit who is granted passage to the human realm for one spirit day, (the equivalent of ten human years) to learn how humans cope with conflict and pain.

Preta spends her first year inhabiting the dreaming world of humans. It is not until she begins to investigate their waking world that she realises how much suffering people have to endure.

She realises a commonality: all living beings regardless of wealth or status, experience ongoing dissatisfaction.

She watches humans experience the grief of separation and the precariousness of dependancy upon reputation and power. She witnesses, on a daily basis, the battles people endure in their elusive search for happiness.

Finally she is faced with a choice, to join in with these battles or to find new answers to age old problems?

For this project I have invited musicians, artists and writers to offer personal interpretations of the story I have written. I have asked people to bring to light not only the struggles of those that society disregards, but also the problems of those who, from an external point of view, seem to have everything that one could wish for.

GetInline-2Artists are also asked to examine whether our current, often adversarial approach to inequality is the most effective way to bring about lasting change? Also, what role, if any, does a less material outlook play in reimagining a future free from the horrors found in today’s world?

We are to produce a limited edition vinyl album, the contents of the album include separate pieces of music, artwork, prints, and a book.

We are taking a high-end limited edition crafted product that, although on the surface ticks all the boxes of style, quality and artisanship, goes on to challenge some of the thinking behind a culture that prefers spectacle over content.

The end result is to forge a piece of multi-platformed art that has the ability to ignite conversations and inspire others to find creative ways to make internal and external transformations on both a personal and societal level.

In this sense the album ceases to be a mere commodity used for temporary escapism and acts as a potential focal platform for meaningful change.



Waiting is a quirky, independent, character driven feature film written by Debbie Howard and Dominique Lutier. The story is centred around the main protagonist Claire, and her friendships with Cal, a café owner on the bounce from a family break up and Tariq, a young boy trying to figure out life the best way he knows how. This upbeat film looks at themes of friendship and compassion through both big and small life events mixed with black comedy and a sprinkling of magic.


When Claire turns up suddenly on the street corner near where Tariq lives and Cal works, she is a catalyst for change in their lives, as well as other people she comes across. A bit of an enigma, Claire brings a certain magic to the lives of those she encounters and leaves a memorable impression that will hopefully stay longer than she might do.

Pakistani-boy                     13419193_10154013550865804_8403662429964948737_n

The script is currently in development and we hope to go into production within the next two to three years.





Meg is a documentary we will film over many years, following the career of an incredibly talented young singer Meg Birch as she tries to make it in the music industry without compromising her sexuality, which as a feminist, is something she believes passionately about. Will her talent and determination alone be enough to succeed in this competitive and difficult industry? Only time will tell.

We are currently in production on this documentary and will be filming over the next five years following Meg’s career as she leaves ACM with a new EP under her belt, and begins the long and complicated path to achieving her ambition of becoming a singing star.

The film will be directed by Debbie Howard. The bond between the filmmaker and the artist is strong being that Debbie is Meg’s aunt and has always had a close personal relationship during her growing up. Using home video of Meg performing since the age of three and a lot of self shot material, this will be an up close and personal account of the reality of making it as a successful singer.