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Still Loved picture lock

4th October 2015

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We’re absolutely delighted to have picture locked on Still Loved. This is a massive landmark moment for us and it’s fantastic to have reached this point.

We now have a three more weeks until our on line begins, to give our composer, Jack Ketch, time to complete the score. We’ll then be moving into Molinare to complete our sound mix and grade.

Enormous thanks to our Editor, Joby Gee for all the many months of hard work and dedication getting Still Loved into shape, the team at Molinare for all the technical support and to Blue Spill for their VFX. We had a couple of glasses of champagne yesterday while making the finishing touches.

We feel we have a really beautiful film. The participants in the film have watched a preview and are all very happy with their stories and that the film has been sensitively put together.  We look forward to sharing it with the world very soon.

Huge thanks to everyone that has supported us. To keep up to date with us day to day, join us on Facebook here.

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Still loved is finished!

25th July 2015

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These are amazing words to write! Finally, we have completed the film. After three long years and a great deal of hard work, it is done. That’s a fantastic feeling.

This week we finished the on line with Des Murray and the Sound Mix with Nas Pardesh and George Foulgham at Molinare. Colin Pons, our Producer joined me yesterday to watch and sign off the film and we’re absolutely delighted with the final outcome.

The lovely Molinare team came in with lots of fizz and cake for a celebration at the end. The sound team were joined by Tom Rogers, Sales Exec and Sarah Kinsella our Post Production Supervisor. Molinare have been wonderful to work with, what a lovely bunch of people and a great place to work. They have made a superb job of the post production on Still Loved.

So we still have many months of hard work ahead now the film is finished. Marketing, distribution and outreach. We also have to make a shorter TV version and a trailer. We need to do submissions to film festivals, poster, DVD extras etc. So our work is not yet over. But it’s a huge landmark to have got this far and completed the actual film.

Enormous thanks to every single person that has worked on the film or supported us in any way, that’s a very long list as we’ve had so much help from many fantastic people.

I look forward to announcing our premiere soon!


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Still Loved Sound Mix and Review

22nd May 2015

This week we have almost finished the sound mix on Still Loved. The sound team at Molinare have done a wonderful job. Dialogue Editor Claire Ellis, Sound Effects Editor Tom Foster and Sound Re Recording Mixer Nas Parkash have worked for a couple of weeks getting everything ready for the final mix with George Foulgham who has put everything together over the last few days.

Director, Debbie Howard, worked with George and Nas this week in the mix, working in the beautiful score from Jack Ketch. It’s all coming together to create a fantastic, cinematic mix for Still Loved.

Our team gathered yesterday for a review of the mix, leaving us just one day to tweak and make finishing touches to the music and sound very soon.

As well as our Director and sound team at Molinare, our Producers Colin Pons and Polly Perkins, Editor Joby Gee and Composer Jack Ketch met to review the film which went down incredibly well.

That just left Debbie, Colin and Polly a good trip back on the train with a bottle of fizz to celebrate! We’ll be completing the mix in a few weeks time once we’ve completed our on line.

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Still Loved post production in full swing

1st May 2015

Post production on Still Loved is progressing well. The score is almost complete now, with Jack Ketch doing a wonderful job. A bit more tweaking and it will be ready.

Tom Foster has been working on our Sound Effects and Claire Ellis has been our dialogue Editor. Des Murray has been preparing the first stage of our on line, and we’ve been getting our credits ready.Nas Parkash is our Sound Re Recording Mixer, who is preparing for the final mix next week with George Foulgham. It’s sounding wonderful so far.


This week we completed our colour grade with our Colourist Chris Rodgers. Director Debbie Howard and Director of Photography, Emma Dalesman worked closely with Chris to get exactly the right look and feel for Still Loved and we’re delighted with the results, it’s looking absolutely gorgeous!

Big thanks to Chris for doing such a wonderful job. It was a pleasure grading in the beautiful grading suite at Molinare with full size cinema screen, instead of on a computer, being able to see the detail really helped us to get the best cinematic look for the film and work on subtle detail. We’re incredibly happy with the results.

Our Composer, Jack Ketch, has just completed the first pass on the score, which is sounding fantastic so far, there’ll be a bit more work to do on this over the next two or three weeks. We’re having a full 5:1 surround sound mix for Still Loved to give it the optimum finish for cinemas.

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Merry Xmas 2014

18th December 2014

It’s the week before Christmas, and I thought I’d do a round up of activity at Still Loved before everyone stops working for the holidays.

Things are progressing brilliantly with the edit of Still Loved. I’m enjoying working with our Editor Joby Gee very much. At the moment he is putting together some beautiful scenes and we’re playing around with ideas.

We went to the Molinare Christmas party on Tuesday evening. It was great to see Tom Rogers again, Sales Exec who is overseeing Still Loved and good to talk with him about further ideas for the film. I talked with our Colourist, about the grade and overall look of the film and had a look around their beautiful screening theatre, where we will show a work in progress cut of the film sometime in February.

We have successfully completed another Kickstarter – reaching our target and some extra! This is wonderful and thank you so much to everyone that supported us, this time or in the past. We had some extra help from the lovely Miss Anelia, artist and fashion photographer who creates the most stunning work. Miss Anelia wrote an article about Still Loved in her blog, on the anniversary of the loss of her son Evan. This sent a lot of new sponsors our way, something we very much appreciated. We also had a pledge and several retweets from Elizabeth McCracken, author of one of the best books on baby loss I’ve ever read: An Exact Replica of a Figment of my Imagaination which I’m sure sent many followers our way. We also had some lovely support from the movie Return to Zero and the organisation Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep who helped us promote the film and brought a lot of new backers our way. Big thanks to them all.

Michele Le Tissier, Marketing expert at Paramount Pictures, has offered to give us some key advice on a marketing strategy for Still Loved in the new year, which will be incredibly valuable and we look forward to that.


We are still, as always looking for investment to complete Still Loved. So if you are, or know of, an organisation that can help us, please do get in touch. You can sponsor us any time on our donate page and join our mailing list here.

We’d like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, hoping that you have a wonderful festive holiday, and a fantastic New year. Thank you so much for all your support and love this year. We’d also like to say a special thank you for amazing support to Christine and Michael Bell.

Happy holidays!
Debbie and the Still Loved team.

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Still Loved post production commences

25th November 2014

We’re delighted to have begun post production on Still Loved.

Director, Debbie Howard and our Assistant Editor, Will Winfield did several weeks of preparatory edit, getting everything in order in Leeds. Then on Monday 17th November, the main edit began with Joby Gee in London. Debbie spent the first day with Joby, watching a lot of rushes and sequences and discussing each of the families in the film and working out ideas of how to put all the components together, quite a task with so much powerful material to chose from.

For the next 12 – 14 weeks Joby will be working full time on the picture edit, with Debbie spending two or three days a week in London with Joby as things progress.

Once the picture lock is complete we’ll move into the sound editing phase, score, grade, credits and all the finishing touches. We hope to be completely finished by around May 2015.For anyone that would like to support us through this process please our donate page.


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Peekaboo Post Production Advances

13th September 2011

We’re delighted to have finally got picture lock on Peekaboo. Thanks to Neil Fergusson, our editor, for all his hard work. It’s looking great. Next step is starting on Sound Design with Grant Bridgeman next week. We are also currently recruiting a new composer for our score, and in discussions with several composers about this at the moment.


We are also looking for someone to work with us on CGI for the film. It’s all coming together very well. It’s currently running at 14:30 mins. I can’t wait to see the finished film!

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Funding gained to complete Peekaboo

21st August 2011

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have been given a grant to complete Peekaboo by the South London and Maudsley Charitable Fund. This will mean that we will be able to complete our film much more quickly, and to a higher standard. We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at sLam, and to Christine Hartland, Kumar Jacob and Sandra Chapman for helping us to get the proposal completed. This is just great news and comes at the end of a very long period of fund raising for Peekaboo, so couldn’t be better timed!

blanket and necklace

Peekaboo, Post Production, short film

The Rushes look fantastic!

30th March 2011

Big thanks to Will Winfield, our assistant editor, who logged and transcoded our all footage this week. This was a long and laborious job and it’s great that this has already happened in preparation for our edit.

I’ve now watched all the rushes of Peekaboo, which Will brought back on Monday. I’m delighted to say that the footage is looking fantastic. Really powerful performances from our talented actors, beautiful shot and lit by Phil Wood our DP and Tom Salmon our Gaffer. We have clear crisp sound by Grant Bridgeman and the sets all look lovely thanks to Helen Watson our Art Director.

I’m so pleased it’s looking great and am really looking forward to starting the editing process. Our wonderful Editor, Neil Fergusson will be coming up to Sheffield in a couple of weeks to begin. I can’t wait!


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Peekaboo – It’s a wrap!

21st March 2011

Our shoot is over! What an experience that was…I’m still spinning.

Wednesday 16th March:

We had a rehearsal at Electric Works in Sheffield. I spend the day with Lesley Sharp and Shaun Dooley going through the script and discussing characters, thoughts and ideas. We read through the script and discussed how we’d play the scenes. It was a really useful day and great to get to know the actors better and get used to each other before we got on set.

_MG_1193 (1)Thursday 17th March:

First day of our shoot. This was hectic as we were filming all the tricky locations today, starting with our supermarket scene. Tesco had very kindly agreed to let us film in one of their branches, very early in the morning, but there were complications and the store was open and it was really a very challenging way to start our shoot. After that we were in the park and it was sunny and busy so a lot of people around. Next was an external street scene, nice and easy, a quite cul de sac outside a friends house. Then the bathroom scene which was in my own house, which is quite small, so around 30 crew and a heap of equipment was no easy task at all! But we got there… quite a late finish.

Friday 18th March:

We finished off the bathroom scene this morning. Then turned my bedroom upside down to make a new last minute location we decided we needed, set being built as we rolled. At lunchtime, we all moved base to our main location house on the other side of Sheffield, kindly loaned to us by Andy Staines. We got in and unpacked and set up a proper green room for our actors. We then shot the external front of house scenes, back garden daytime and all the kitchen scenes. We then finished off with the back garden dusk scene.

IMG_0586Saturday 19th March

Our third day we filmed in the living room all day and got through a lot of scenes today. Then ended with the night scene in the garden. We had some really moving scenes today, beautifully performed by our talented cast, Lesley Sharp and Shaun Dooley.

Sunday 20th March

We finished with our big scene today, the climax of our film. It was harrowing stuff and I had goosebumps watching the scenes play out. We finished with some stills and cutaways and wrapped around 4pm. We said our goodbye’s to our cast who then headed off back to London. We all then cleaned packed away and got the house back in order, and headed off out for a well earned drink or two.

Our crew were absolutely fantastic, really talented and hard working. Our film is going to look and sound beautiful.

A really huge enormous thank you to everyone that gave time, energy and commitment to work with us on this. I just can’t wait to start on the edit!

Lesley, Shaun and Debbie
It’s a wrap!