Still Mountain

Steven is a recovering addict from Newcastle who turns his life around through his love of horses.

After years of addiction and many stints in prison Steven goes into rehab. When he starts volunteering at Still Mountain ranch, an unlikely friendship develops with  the owner, Irene and a neighbour, Alison who stables her horse on the land and helps Irene to run the place. With each of them helping each other with their own personal challenges, of which there are many, a surprisingly deep bond develops between them. As Steven moves out of rehab and into his own flat, he becomes anxious about starting to use again without his key workers on hand. Nurtured by Irene and Alison, he learns to ride ‘Western’ on Irene’s prized imported American horse, Breeze. He is trained by one of the UK’s most highly skilled horseman, Joe Midgley. His dream is to leave addiction far behind and make a life working with horses and riding.

As Steven says “From the council estates of Newcastle, to riding horses with posh people.”  Still Mountain is a story of horses, cowboys, dreams, and starting over.

Directed by Debbie Howard of Big Buddha Films and Produced by Colin Pons of Studio of the North in conjunction with Sheffield Hallam University.