Crowd funding your film


A half day course for filmmakers/film students

With traditional funding methods becoming more and more difficult to access, thousands of people are turning to crowd funding as a way to raise a film’s budget.

This course will look at the various crowd funding platforms and the pros and cons of each and how to put together and run a successful crowd funding campaign.

Debbie will use her own and other’s films as case studies, watching film pitches and look at what does and doesn’t work and why some campaigns are far more successful than others.

This course will help you to set and run your own successful campaign, enhanced by a good grasp of social media, and help you to raise the money you need for your next production.

Debbie has been making independent films for ten years. She has used crowdfunding successfully to make many of these films and couldn’t have completed them without it. Having used various crowdfunding platforms she has a good grasp of the benefits of each one and offer great insight and fantastic tips.

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“I liked how we found out about how we could fund our own films and that you don’t need industry experience or a filmmaking education”
“I like that she informed us on different ways to gather funding for our projects and the fact that it inspired you to push your limits and keep working towards something you want”