Making Documentaries


How to make a successful documentary

A full or half day course for filmmakers/film students.

In this course we will cover everything from finding a good idea, researching, pre production, shooting, post production, marketing and publicity and social media.

How do we make sure we have an original or unique idea? What style of documentary are you making? How can you raise the finance?

How do you keep a good working relationship with your participants even during some very difficult shoots? What¹s the best way to film this particular film? What crew will you use? What kit? Will the participants be self shooting?

Will you use archive? Will you use animation or motion graphics? How will you find the right Editor, Sound Designer and Composer?

When your film is finished who will watch it and where? How will you engage your audience? How will you market the film? Is it a festival film? Will you use a Distributor?

How do you handle rejection of your film and keep going even when it feels like your up against a brick wall?

We will cover all of this and more. Using Debbie’s own films, as well as others as case studies this course will bring great insight into the documentary making process and she shares her knowledge and understanding.

Debbie has been making films for ten years and set up Big Buddha Films nine years ago. She has made several short documentaries and her first feature length documentary, Still Loved.

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