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Phase One of Still Loved is shot!

20th November 2012
I am absolutely delighted to say that we have completed the shoot of Phase One of Still Loved. We have shot for ten days. We covered a weekend with Stephen and Bethany Morris before they set off on the Born Silently Cycle Challenge, interviewing them about the tragic loss of their twin girls, Felicity and Harriet. We then filmed almost all of the the Cycle Challenge, travelling 325 miles from Crowborough in East Sussex to Northallerton in Yorkshire, and raising money for Tommy’s and TAMBA baby charities as they went. This was an amazing week, very inspirational and a huge emotional and physical challenge for Beth and Steve, and their fellow team mates. They have raised over £20,000 for charities during this ride. We filmed from the back of several motorbikes and across the Humber Bridge, country lanes, busy roads and the emotional finishing point greeted by friends and family from around the country.


Beth smiley cycle

We then travelled to Somerset and have filmed our first two days with Mel and Baz Scott and their daughter Toni. Mel is the author of the beautiful book, After Finley. We have been finding out about Mel and Baz’s journey dealing the loss of their son Finley three years ago now. Mel is an inspiring therepist who is working hard to make baby loss a little easier for other parents to cope with.


We have spent all of our the money raised so far ont this filming, as we had the equipment to buy and we have covered around 5,000 miles already in travel. This has all been done on a shoe string to make our budget go as far as possible.

Filming this has been very powerful and more than ever we are determined to continue filming the rest of this very necessary documentary. To do this, we need to raise more moeny. Although we have passed our official target on here, we still have so much to raise.



Beth & Steve & group with mayor

There are many more families we want to work with and much more follow up work with the families we have already started filming. This film will be powerful and far reaching and we can only make it with your help.