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Still Loved wins Best Documentary award

24th July 2017

We’re delighted that Still Loved won the ‘Best Documentary’ award at High Peak Independent Film Festival this weekend. With tough competition from some other feature docs, we’re thrilled to have been honoured with this award, giving recognition to the film and also to stillbirth and baby loss.

Big thanks to Festival Director Nicole Pott and her team at HPIFF 2017 for their hard work and hospitality at this festival.



Success in Cannes

21st May 2014

I’m back from my trip to Cannes and it was a great success! Our Producer Colin is still there, so hopefully he’ll be handing out Still Loved goody bags as I write this.

It’s an intense festival – ram packed, full of hustle and bustle, with streets lined with celeb spotters, it’s all a bit crazy, but very useful too.

We had some fantastic meetings with Producers, Distributors, Editors and incredibly useful organisations that will be able to come on board and help us soon or further down the line.

It was great to hear so much positive feedback about Still Loved, especially when people watched the teaser and saw how powerful the material is.

In between meetings we managed a few parties, some screenings and a good few glasses of wine. But didn’t have time for a swim in the sea sadly, maybe next time!

I have to say, I’m quite glad to be home though, it’s good to get back to a bit of normality and a nice cup of tea!

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USA Festivals for The Girl with the World in Her Hair

14th November 2013

I’m delighted that The Girl with the World in Her Hair will screen at two USA festivals in 2014.

The 9th Annual Children’s Film Festival Seattle 
The 9th Annual REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival in Los Angeles

This little short of ours has done extremely well in festivals and been part of the British Council’s FILMCLUB screening all around the world. It’s a great achievement to say it was something that was made on a zero budget, with family and friends, mainly for fun.
It was inspired by my daughter Jasmine’s hair, and she is played by herself in the film. The film also stars her brother Sonny, their dad Steve and myself as mum.

With great animation by Zoom, and music by Asa Bennett and Marty Snape.

vBig thanks to everyone that worked on and helped out with this film, glad to see it’s still screening all these years later. My kids were about 11 when we shot this film, and they’re now 17. Lets hope it goes down well in the USA.

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Aesthetic Film Festival in York 2012

10th November 2012

I’ve just come back from attended the first half of Aesthetica Film Festival in York, which was wonderful. A great festival, with some really good quality short films and in stunning venue’s ranging from Barley Hall a gorgeous medieval building with beams and tiles everywhere, to Brand Brown’s Little Cinema, upstairs in Bar 1331, with big comfy leather arm chairs.

I really enjoyed this festival, very friendly people, and accessible venue’s. There were some excellent master classes too and I attended Chris Jones’s (author of the Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook) which was really useful.

Our short film Peekaboo played there, 4 times in total and seemed to be very well received. I also saw many other great shorts, from documentary, to drama and comedy. Some of the highlights for me were:

Photoshopping by Mark Davenport (comedy)
For Elsie by David Winstone (comedy)
Sassie’s Gran by Derville Quigley (documentary)
Architecture Alive by Ole Stenum (documentary)
Come in and See the Bed by Simon Aeppli (documentary)
Home by Thomas Gleeson (documentary)
Dylan’s Room by Layke Anderson (drama)
Hollow by Rob Sorrenti (drama)

There were so many more I would have liked to see but just ran out of time as I had to leave for a shoot.

Thanks to everyone that put on the festival. It’s been great.

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The Girl with a World in Her Hair at Showcomotion

3rd June 2012

We had great fun screening The Girl with the World in Her Hair at Showcomotion Young People’s Film Festival last week. Our film screened twice before the feature On The Sly. Both films starred a real family, were narrated by the central female child and were very charming.

Our main actress, Jasmine Givnan and I, did a Q&A with children from Concord School in  Sheffield. This was lovley and kids came really well prepared with fantastic questions. But the best one for me was when a little boy eagerly put up his hand, patiently waited for the microphone to be brought over to him and then asked “Can we have lunch now?”! Brilliant!

Thanks to the Showcomotion team for putting on a great festival which I was proud to be part of.


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The Girl with a World in Her Hair – another festival

24th May 2012

I’m pleased to say that The Girl with the World in Her Hair will be screening at The Strawberry Shorts Film Festival in Cambridge on Friday 1st June. Sadly I won’t be able to attend because it’s also playing on the same night at Showcomotion Film Festival in Sheffield where we are doing a Q&A. How lovely for it to be playing two great festivals on the same night.


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Our new official trailer for Peekaboo is here

16th May 2012

Will Winfield, Editor, has completed our brand new official trailer for Peekaboo. This has been uploaded to Vimeo and you can watch it here.

The full length film is now being submitted to film festivals around the world – watch this space for news on our premiere.