The Mysterious Scarab Beetle


Documentary: 30 mins

Commissioned by  Creative Partnerships

This was a documentation of Creative Partnerships project between Dead Earnest Theatre, and Firs Hill Primary School

Debbie Howard worked with Firs Hill Primary School in Sheffield with the Y3 classes. The premise was a provocation using drama to help to improve the use of the children’s creative writing and performance skills, in conjunction with their topic on Ancient Egypt. Debbie brought in a special sacred Scarab Beetle from the British Museum that then went ‘missing’. Realising the Beetle was cursed they then had to track it down by cracking codes and following trails, making their own news reports to broadcast on television and in newspapers and find the missing beetle before it was too late. After several weeks the beetle was found hiding in a pyramid on top of a cupboard in the classroom and returned to Professor Carter of the British Museum who came to school to meet the children and take the scarab home. It was a wonderful project which stimulated the children and hugely improved their creative learning . The film documents the work over the six weeks of the topic.

This film is not available on our site due to child protection issues. This film is for private use for the school only.


Y3 classes at Firs Hill Primary School
Jan Ellis and Anna Hawkins
Class teachers
Debbie Howard


Camera and sound: Teachers, children and Debbie Howard Editing: Debbie Howard