The ten human years of Preta Eshana

GetInlineThis documentary will follow writer and curator Stephen Givnan, who will be working with artists and musicians from around the world as they produce works of art inspired by his original story of Preta Eshana, the chronicle of a female hungry spirit who is granted passage to the human realm for one spirit day, (the equivalent of ten human years) to learn how humans deal with conflict and pain. Preta realises a commonality: all living beings regardless of wealth or status, experience continual dissatisfaction. She watches humans experience the grief of separation and the precariousness of dependency upon reputation and power. She witnesses the battles people endure in their elusive search for happiness. Finally she is faced with a choice, to join in with these battles or to find new answers to age-old problems.

The film aims to evidence the life changing capacity of small stories. Showing how one simple narrative or idea can become a catalyst to inspire and motivate thousands of people. This film will empower people to realize the efficacy of their own ‘small stories’. It will also examine the important role of artists in times of uncertainty and change, demonstrating how artists can act as ‘enablers’ encouraging others to see themselves as part of a socially engaged artistic process and a belief in the possibility of meaningful change.

The documentary will be directed by Debbie Howard. A close personal friend of Stephen Givnan for 25 years, she will have great access to document this project thoroughly and gain great insight into the artists taking part and who they work.

We are currently in pre production on this documentary and aim to begin filming later in 2018.