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Still Loved London preview

27th October 2015

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On Wednesday 21st October we had our London preview screening of Still Loved at Molinare, Soho, where we did our post production. They have a gorgeous cinema where we held the screening.

Our audience arrived at 6.30pm and we had a couple of drinks in the bar. Our guests consisted of two of the families in the film, Beth and Steve Morris and Michelle and Paul Hemmington Buckley, some of our crew, sponsors and film industry and friends. It was a fantastic turn out.

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Still Loved previews to rave reviews

21st October 2015

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On Tuesday 6th October, we had our first preview screening of Still Loved in Sheffield at the Showroom Cinema with cast, crew, friends, family, sponsors and film industry. We had an amazing turn out.

“Debbie Howard’s documentary Still Loved really moved me. It was as much about human connection as it was about loss. It deserves a much wider screening. A brave and tender film.”

The audience arrived and had drinks and there was a chance for the families in the film to catch up with each other, and to meet and greet.

Kate Linderholm from BBC Radio Sheffield introduced the Filmmakers on stage and our Director, Debbie Howard gave an introductory speech and thanked our wonderful families, crew and sponsors for all their input.

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Still loved is finished!

25th July 2015

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These are amazing words to write! Finally, we have completed the film. After three long years and a great deal of hard work, it is done. That’s a fantastic feeling.

This week we finished the on line with Des Murray and the Sound Mix with Nas Pardesh and George Foulgham at Molinare. Colin Pons, our Producer joined me yesterday to watch and sign off the film and we’re absolutely delighted with the final outcome.

The lovely Molinare team came in with lots of fizz and cake for a celebration at the end. The sound team were joined by Tom Rogers, Sales Exec and Sarah Kinsella our Post Production Supervisor. Molinare have been wonderful to work with, what a lovely bunch of people and a great place to work. They have made a superb job of the post production on Still Loved.

So we still have many months of hard work ahead now the film is finished. Marketing, distribution and outreach. We also have to make a shorter TV version and a trailer. We need to do submissions to film festivals, poster, DVD extras etc. So our work is not yet over. But it’s a huge landmark to have got this far and completed the actual film.

Enormous thanks to every single person that has worked on the film or supported us in any way, that’s a very long list as we’ve had so much help from many fantastic people.

I look forward to announcing our premiere soon!


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Sheffield Doc Fest 2015

11th June 2015

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The Still Loved team have just spent a busy and incredibly productive week at the Sheffield International Documentary Festival, one of the world’s best film documentary film festivals – and in our home town.

It was a very busy week for us, having many meetings and promoting Still Loved to programers, exhibitors and distributors around the world.

We had a lot of interest from Distributors and Sales Agents, but are still considering all our options at the moment. There was a great deal of excitment and support for Still Loved and we can’t wait for the film to be completed and get the film out to film festivals as soon as possible.

We saw some fantastic films at the festival this year including our talented friend and Sheffield filmmaker Dan Gordon’s Match 64: The Maracanā along with Relish, a short film about Sheffield’s favourite sauce: Henderson’s Relish. Dark Horse was a firm favouirte, Directed by Louise Osmond and Edited by Still Loved editor Joby Gee. Other highlights were My Beautiful Broken Brain Directed by Lotje Sodderland and Sophie Robinson, A Syrian Love Story by Sean McAllister, The Russian Woodpecker Directed by Chad Gracia, Kim Longinotto’s Dreamcatcher and Kirby Dick’s The Hunting Ground amogst many others. We now have 3 months to watch all the ones we missed on the Videotech.

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Success in Cannes

21st May 2014

I’m back from my trip to Cannes and it was a great success! Our Producer Colin is still there, so hopefully he’ll be handing out Still Loved goody bags as I write this.

It’s an intense festival – ram packed, full of hustle and bustle, with streets lined with celeb spotters, it’s all a bit crazy, but very useful too.

We had some fantastic meetings with Producers, Distributors, Editors and incredibly useful organisations that will be able to come on board and help us soon or further down the line.

It was great to hear so much positive feedback about Still Loved, especially when people watched the teaser and saw how powerful the material is.

In between meetings we managed a few parties, some screenings and a good few glasses of wine. But didn’t have time for a swim in the sea sadly, maybe next time!

I have to say, I’m quite glad to be home though, it’s good to get back to a bit of normality and a nice cup of tea!

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Women in Film and TV

Women in Film and Television Mentoring Scheme 2014

20th February 2014

Things are progressing well with the Women in Film and TV Mentoring Scheme that our Director Debbie Howard is currently part of.

Every other week there are incredibly inspiring talks given by the other mentees on the scheme. So far we’ve covered working as a stunt women with Amanda Foster, writer multidimensional female characters with Adeela Sharif Antunes, Motion Graphics with Allison Brownmoore, how a DoP prepares for business with Audrey Aquilina, crowd funding with Lisa Francesca Nand and writing three act structure for thriller with Lotus Hannon. Lots more to come.

Debbie has begun meeting with her mentor Beadie Finzi from Britdoc, who’s advice and guidance is proving to be incredibly beneficial. Beadie’s wealth of knowledge about documentary is just what Debbie needs at this stage of making Still Loved.

As well as the regular meetings and talks there are extra sessions, from looking at improving CV’s to speed dating and networking sessions with other industry professionals. As part of the scheme Debbie is also meeting with Nicola Shindler of RED in a few weeks time in Manchester.

Led by Nicola Lees – TV Mole the sessions are dynamic and hugely productive and have already had a big impact on the mentees careers.

Women in Film and TV

Women in Film and Television Mentoring Scheme 2014

14th January 2014

Our Director Debbie Howard has begun her mentoring scheme at Women in Film and TV UK, in London last week.

The scheme kicked off in style with a full day of getting to know the other 19 mentees and Nicola Lees who runs the scheme. It was a very inspiring day!

Debbie’s mentor for the next six months is Beadie Finzi from Britdoc, they have their first one-to-one session next week.

To find out more about the scheme see here:

Debbie is delighted to be part of the mentoring scheme and is very much looking forward to being pushed to the next level in her career.

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American Festivals invite our films!

29th December 2013

We’ve had a run of invites recently for some of our short films, to film festivals in the USA.

The Girl with the World in Her Hair has been invited to screen at:

The 9th Annual Children’s Film Festival Seattle 

The 9th Annual REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival in Los Angeles


The New York International Children’s Film Festival

Peekaboo has been invited to be part of the American Online Film Awards which will take part in New York in Spring 2014

It’s lovely to be invited to screen at these events and we look forward to seeing how our films go down.


USA Festivals for The Girl with the World in Her Hair

14th November 2013

I’m delighted that The Girl with the World in Her Hair will screen at two USA festivals in 2014.

The 9th Annual Children’s Film Festival Seattle 
The 9th Annual REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival in Los Angeles

This little short of ours has done extremely well in festivals and been part of the British Council’s FILMCLUB screening all around the world. It’s a great achievement to say it was something that was made on a zero budget, with family and friends, mainly for fun.
It was inspired by my daughter Jasmine’s hair, and she is played by herself in the film. The film also stars her brother Sonny, their dad Steve and myself as mum.

With great animation by Zoom, and music by Asa Bennett and Marty Snape.

vBig thanks to everyone that worked on and helped out with this film, glad to see it’s still screening all these years later. My kids were about 11 when we shot this film, and they’re now 17. Lets hope it goes down well in the USA.