Directing Actors


A one day course for filmmakers

Actors. One of the easiest things for Directors forget about but utterly crucial to the success of your film.

When I was an actor I was astounded as to how often I was forgotten about on set while the Director was busy sorting out everything else. I felt my performance wasn’t given the necessary attention and therefore wasn’t always the best it could have been, especially on a time restricted low budget production.

When I started making films I began to realise why. As a Director your attention is needed for every department, setting the shot, checking you’re happy with the lighting, liaising with all members of the team and it’s easy to overlook the performance when your time is stretched. When this happens the actors won’t be giving their best performance, the thing all of the audience will be watching on screen when the film is finished.

In this course we will look at working with actors closely. How to put them at ease on set. The rehearsal process. How to listen to them. How to Direct them to get the very best from your cast.

With use of TV and Film scripts we will get the opportunity to work with professional actors and find ways of improving our relationship with them and our confidence in creating a fantastic on screen performance.

Debbie Howard was a professional actress for over twenty years before setting up Big Buddha Films and making her own films. With experience both in front of and behind the camera, Debbie will share her knowledge and expertise to help create a better working dynamic between Directors and their cast.

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