Don’t lose your Access!


Working effectively with your participants in documentary

A half day course for filmmakers/film students

When making a documentary your access is paramount. Making sure to develop and maintain a good working relationship with your participants is crucial.

In this course Debbie will share her own methods using her documentary Still Loved as a case study. Making a film about one of the most challenging subject matters and being able to go deep into the families involved own personal stories involves a great deal of skill, trust and empathy. Relationships can become fragile and can easily start to crumble. How do you keep going during these times making sure you don’t lose access to someone you have been working with over a long period?

This course is invaluable for anyone wanting to work in documentary, it shows how to develop trust and respect for your cast while knowing how to keep a professional distance.

With so many ‘reality TV’ shows often stitching up their cast, more and more people are becoming skeptical of taking part in a documentary. This course helps to deal with this by knowing how to garner a good working relationship and code of ethics.

Debbie has been making films for ten years and set up Big Buddha Films fifteen years ago. She has made several short documentaries and her first feature length documentary, Still Loved.

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